Thursday, March 27, 2014

Andrews house is now under way!

 Well Andrews house is under way, as the title has well put it-he`s putting two additions on the front and the back.
 "The owner poses in front of his domain".
 One of four sides.
 The roof on a some what of a strange pitch. :)
 And now you can see the whole deal pretty well!
 Mikes grading the road, every time it rains it arodes so this time Mike saves the day!
 Burning off in the woods around the uninhabited dwelling.
We had some homeless guys over for dinner and they didint have  much to say. :) jk
And on the front of the uninhabited dwelling...
Sam in his working attire.
My adorable nephew! It was too good not to put on with the others!

'Till you read again,

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Edwin's Birthday party!

 Edwin is a perfect example of manliness, always  striving to serve God, and encouraging us other guys to do the same! His name has a pretty fitting meaning, Edwin means, prosperous Friend!  he also honers his mother & father so I believe it will go well with him!
 There was not that many photos of the party so here are a few awesome pix to suffice.

Proverbs 20-29 is quite suitable