Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tayte and Martha's wedding!

 It's amazing how perfect they are for one another. My brothers and sister went to visit them last night, and they are just as happy as can be!
Sorry it's been SO long for us to post about the wedding but we've been so busy:\

Okay let me just say that this wedding was a BLAST! So many friends helped.  I want to thank the Dunns ,Whiddons, Lees, Knudsons, Campanas, Deckers, Davises,Mr Charner Rouse for directing, Mrs Swayze for helping with the flower girls, and  Dorothy and Noah for the coffee bar!!!!
But More importantly though,I want to thank  the The Lord who Made this wedding possible! And not only the wedding, but who will make there marriage  possible ...a cord of three stranes is not easily broken!

 where the reception is to be held
 The Coffee Bar.!Thanks Mariah for the calligraphy on  the serving dishes!They looked great!
 The Groom's Cake

 The aisle
 Love them lots!
Beautiful!! "Danielle De Barbarac you get prettier every week"!

 Grand Daddy prays before the ceremony.
 Brides Maids
 Maid of honor
 Father of the Bride and the Bride

 I cried when Daddy read that note to Martha.

THERE I DOES!great job uncle Mark!
Have mercy...first kiss !

This was right after he said "I now present to you Mr and Mrs Tatye Alexander"! 

Andrew and Adeline.
Titus and Breanna.
Nick and Britteny.
Michael and Sarah.
Zak and Amanda.
Paul and Mariah.
Sam and Grace.
Cleveland and Modie.
T.J and Daisy.
Edwin and Kennedy...And behind them Wesley and Angela. 
John and Alyssa...And Behind me is Mr Tom and Samantha.
And the flower girls.
My parents! Mom your Gorgeous!!!
And Tatye and Marthas  Parents!

The Mortons and the newly weds!
The Alexanders and the Newly weds!
The newly weds and there parents.

Till next time!!