Thursday, August 14, 2014

At the lake!

 My dog is an awesome companion.
 For a lake party, you have got to go to a lake, so the closest lake to us is Reed Bingham State Park (by the way its loads of fun).
Our boat...her name is "Eli 2". Runs like a charm! So we took her out to join us on our adventure; the following should be a assortment of our awesome activities! 
 Well...that's just someones feet; just never mind that.
 Oh, of course the meal was positively scrumptious! All thanks to my dad for grilling!
 Bro in law...and cup.
 Danny and lake shore.
 3 of the four best sis's on earth.
 It was...I have to say, Risky. ;p

The following are a few glamors.
 Young Wallace, such a ham bone!
 Bro in law to be with sister...and child.  ;p
 It being a Morton party...well the pix explains itself.
 Pretty slick!
 Lake view
 "Looking pretty good Arman"!
And to follow up...a bunch of children wearing life jackets.



  1. We laughed so hard when we saw all the glamour shots.
    The puppy is so cute!

  2. They are ravishing are`t they...:D