Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Redeeming the Dirt Conference

This conference was utterly amazing!! The men there were true warriors in Christ; speaker after speaker convicted me, in awesome ways! Their were men from all over the world; India- Zimbabwean and all throughout the states; It might have been just a farming retreat but it defiantly had the Gospel backing it up:
Three of the coolest men on earth!
 The guy on the left, not Noah but the one in black; he cracks me up, he's a comedian!:)
 Noah did awesome!! Great job Bro!
The praise and worship/music was also an awesome time!! btw Uncle Bret; the stars were added:) lol
 Mr D. was a really humble man.
 Edwin Breaking Bad with Pool!
 Fuse ball 2 on 2 is so much fun!

 I almost cried when this man spoke; his story made so many tear up.
 Tried to do a solo but every one turned and walked away. :D LOL
 Uncle Bret did great!
 We did some hands on too!
 This was cool, so cool! The difference between plowed and non-plowed was baffling; they cut in half a big water jug, put it on a 4 % angle; then put some gravel down as a first layer, next layer was sand, then some regular old top soil, and on top, as the head of Foundations For Farming called it, "God`s blanket", mulch; A little tube ran out the bottom of the halved jug into a qt jar, then Eman spade water on top; the water that ran through the tube into the jar filled the jar all the way up! And the run off was less than a half inch in the bottom of another jar !That`s compared to the PLOWED dirt which when spade with water is also on a 4% angle  90% run off, and 10% saturation! The non-plowed and mulched  was 90% saturation and 10% run off!! That is the deference between plowed and non-plowed.
Think of Prov 21:4!
 Patrick and Mr O.
 Lise and Cleve!
 "Oh my ninja`s in the square"!:)

Ham slices!

The Y. with the  pole!

Prov 21:4



  1. That's awesome the way they demonstrated Cultivated vs. non...Looks like ya'll had Fun! The picture of Cleve, Lise and liam is adorable! applause for the photographer. :)


  2. Nice post sir. No more selfies though. (Toway with it!)