Thursday, August 1, 2013

For old times sake!!

Well, some of these might be a little bit shocking, but I couldn`t help posting them! They are, as you know full well ,  a collection of old pictures from so long ago its scares me just thinking of the memories! They are in random selection but I hope you enjoy !

A long time ago
  Now this is Samuel.  He posed for this one.   Think we are in Tennessee
It's always a good time!

Battle field at the Campanas
 A wedding shower it looks to me:)
 This is before MY sister married him. "He must have been nervous" !

 Wesley and Rachael`s wedding
Mr  Rick K

 In action!

" Stackin' them bales"
 The battery died, so dear Mike jumped it for us:)
 Rambo and Jason Bourne meet for the first time in history .
"On the way there;" one side of us that probably should have not been exposed "!
 and after we arrived .
 Nick and Wesley in Florida. 

bad news Wes

If I`m not mistaken that`s Bret
 above Walmart;)jk
The best dog since creation !

She did say yes
The barbarian finds something  
The first cave trip!!(the shirt Andrew's wearing is not his)
The badlands - Wesley and Adeline got to go.
They are both married now!( believe it or not)

At least the tuxedos were cool
The elders!

flower girls
The best Mom and  oldest sister
A.Campana I think:)
I`m not sure but I bet this is what Saul looked like - head and shoulders above everybody else.
one that should have been left in the archives!
Mortown fourth generation - I still can't believe that thing held us up!
one of the big boys!

Football in the yard - what a classic. (blow this one up)
(THE Narcotics unit)
Mike and Kress
a Russian spitnot! I tell you, that Arman is a beast. 

Yerik S.  he was such  a baby then.
Pauly boo Francais
An original

Berry picking

Well that`s all the ones in public domain for now  :)   Hope y'all liked the post, or flash backs or what-have-you.    I hope the next ten years or so will be  filled  with  awesome memories and God glorifying times!



  1. Wow... time flies!! Those were good days. :)
    your captions had us all laughing!
    The one of Adeline and Cleve was um....Priceless!

    Miss ya'll.


  2. But I had to hunt way back to find this post
    Love your captions john !!!