Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Fourth of July

We had over 100 drinks!

Nice looking view!
 After the Party

Papa Lighter

Some serious arm, there.
*Wesley thinking about Rachel on the shore*

"I hope she can see my fine goatee from this angle..."
"Hey! guys! The camera's over here! Nice poses, though..."
The boat almost scrapes bottom. :P
"You're gonna want to see my first wave over and over again."
Johnny Dough Boy
'De lake
The Vessel is still afloat! Here's Tom and Esther.
The Mighty Sea Horse rises in the distance.

Wesley, terrified, goes to full throttle.
He's had one too many...
Will makes a break for the burgers
View from a hammock...

"Hey baby. You're looking good. Thanks. I try to take care of myself. You like this song? Oh Yeah."



  1. Hey great post I was thinking a "Wayne" joke was coming, lol. Zk

  2. nice i like the over
    100 coke part


  3. Great post Edwin!!! you had me rolling. :)

    Miss ya'll