Sunday, February 16, 2014

Months past

Just some high lights of the past few months! Things we've done, that were interesting, exciting or, really strange.  :) Hope you enjoy!

The engagement of Tayte & Martha !!! Young Love!
The Tarp rides!!


Kitchen party ... at the Campanas !
''No one dare  compete with the champion'' ...
''Save Job .... son of Scott!''
Jousting in the royal palace ! :) The S. Kids are so much fun !! 
We also went to our good Friends house, ware we watched the debate of Bill Nye vs Ken Ham! you should see it!
Well, till next time,



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    1. That was Gabby :)

      It was a great Post other wise. :D
      everyone looks "special" in that picture of us Baking in the kitchen. LOL


  3. love the pics johnny b
    me and bay now got us a blog
    check it out our first later y`all