Monday, February 3, 2014

New year's Ball

The new years ball has come, and has past, and the Lord has given us another year to bring glory to his name.
 The costumes were fantastic, so many different styles and the
 time eras were not even funny!
The awesomest costumes of the night.
Princess  Buttercup
cowboy # 1
More  Indians

The Gray family

The gallant  knight continues his quest

more dancing
They sat in the formal corner
These guys don`t mess around!
This looks like a movie or something
Young Lewis and Lady Catherine
Lee appeared to have  shaved
Young love!
the two amigo`s
and four senoritas
The English knight,  the Cherokee brave,and the Norwegian Casanova!

 this reminds me of Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson:)
 Cleve and Liam!
another awesome one of Edwin!
romance on  the  dance floor

Casanova and cowboy #3


  1. Hey Sam john awesome pics of every body at the ball sad we couldn't make it the one with Edwin under the lamp is prob my fav And the knight and brave and the CASANOVA that's number 2 whoever wrote that about zach was DEAD right about that
    Brady Roberts

  2. Heard you were not feeling well, John. Praying you get well really fast.

  3. Great post ya'll!
    That picture of Frankie was awesome.